“…And Ladies of the Club” is a novel, written by Helen Hooven Santmyer, about a group of women in the fictional town of Waynesboro, Ohio who begin a women’s literary club, which evolves through the years into a significant community service organization in the town.

The novel, which looks at the club as it changes throughout the years, spans decades in the lives of the women involved in the club, between 1868 and 1932. Many characters are introduced in the course of the novel, but the primary characters are Anne Gordon and Sally Rausch, who in 1868 are new graduates of the Waynesboro Female College. They marry soon after the opening of the book, and the decades that follow chronicle their marriages and those of their children and grandchildren. Santmyer focuses not just on the lives of the women in the Club, but also their families, friends, politics, and developments in their small town and the larger world.

Nancy Kashkoul

Nancy Kashkoul is a Jordanian food blogger and recipes editor. Nancy is a member of the Jordanian Ladies Cooking Club and the club’ media representative. She was inspired bu many famous Jordanian, American and Italians chefs. Attended many sweets academies in Jordan and Dubai, she distinguished with her special cheesecake flavors and shortbread biscuits. She was one of the Jordanian team which participated the Barbecue Morocco competition 2019 were they won the competition first place.

Ruba Faleh AlZoubi

Ruba Faleh AlZoubi a Jordanian Food blogger and researcher, Ruba has 25 years experience in food and beverages, certified from different local and international academies in various food and sweets specialties.
Member of the Jordanian Ladies Cooking Club, Irbid City representative and committee in-charge. Ruba with her Jordanian Team achieve the first place in BARBECUE MAROC 2019 Competition organised by Morocco Association of Culinary Arts

Ola Farrah

Ola Farrah is a Jordanian chef, member of the Jordanian Ladies Cooking Club. Was the first person who introduced a new way of training Ladies the culinary arts through smartphones applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegra. Ola organizes and trains special needs people in cooking and sweets arts.


Randa Sallaj

Randa sallaj is a Jordanian chef and media personality. Randa is a member of the Jordanian Ladies Cooking Club, her role is the club’s social events organizer. She is a Cooking and sweets certified. Rana led the initiative of involving Down’ Syndrome witj the society by training them Cooking, baking and confectionery. Participated in many Cooking TV shows and competition. She helped many ladies to start and develop their career in the culinary arts.