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Royal Academy of Culinry Arts


Educating beyond the curriculum is one of the most important characteristics of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Our learning environment enables students to develop their creativity, work ethics, leadership, team building and many other key life skills that are essential to future personal and professional success.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is an accredited instructional campus of les Roches, Switzerland.

The admission standards, curriculum, academic regulations, and operations are controlled and administrated by les Roches, Switzerland.

These quality assurance standards guarantee that you will experience an international education throughout your study program.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts/Affiliate of les Roches will provide students with the opportunity to acquire

Industry-relevant, transferable skills. Our educational approach balances craft-based learning with theory which helps students to develop a solid foundation to successfully initiate and manage their future career path.

The culinary and hospitality industries offer exciting job opportunities for young people who are seeking an exciting, fascinating and rewarding career and who want to be part of a fast-changing and very innovative, dynamic world.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts an Affiliate of Les Roches, has recruited an experienced team of International professionals with high standard credentials, working and teaching in leading culinary institutions and universities Combined, the Faculty at the academy has more than 200 years of five star industry and educational experience .Key faculty holds Swiss master's degree in culinary management.

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 King Abdullah II St. Building 188

P.O.Box 5296 Amman 11953 Jordan 

Phone (+962) 6 541 2682 - Mobile: (+962) 79 7302290 - Mobile: (+962) 79 7302291 

Marketing: (+962) 79 5830059 - Fax (+962) 6 541 2659 

Email: info@raca-lesroches.edu.jo